Dec 16, 2011

Typical //Ep. 2\\

Cecilia parked her dark blue bike on Lyra's back lawn and immediately open the back door. She has Lyra's home keys since they were in Elementary school. Cecilia is her only bestfriend, and they were quite mutual about themselves. She trust Lyra and Lyra trust her too. Their friendship is like, to die for. They were also remember the day Cecilia's the one who said 'hi' to Lyra when Lyra was a new kid in the neighborhood when they were only 6 year-olds. Cecilia's house were totally near to Lyra's. Lyra's house were few houses away from Cecilia's. They shared laughs, through tears and mood swings, thick and thin. Only two of them.

Cecilia rushed to Lyra's room and saw her weak friend lying on the bed, sobbing. She came towards the bed and put a Snicker bar on Lyra's pillow. "I brought your fav.", she slow-talked. Lyra turned, and stare at the chocolate. "Thanks.", while wipe her tears with the pillow. "What did he said?" "I told you on the phone." "Irrelevant." "Yes it is.". Accept the fact that her bestfriend is a willful person, Cecilia sits at the bed. "You think that he's having an affair with another girl?". With a sharp stare, Lyra said yes. "I can't say anything except 'what a jerk he is. Face the fact that he's a douchebag for dumping a perfect girl for a bitch'. Everything's going to fine, I promise. Without that kind of guy, the world would be a better place.". Lyra smiled, accepting the words. She gave Cecilia a big hug. "Thanks. I owe you big time." "A pepperoni pizza with extra cheese?" "Haha, yes."

"Hey, Thea invited us to her party this weekend. I heard it's huge!". Lyra licked her thumb and put her pizza on the box and say, "Naaah, I don't have a good mood to attend a party.". Cecilia shrugged. "What?! Come on! Don't be a party pooper." "I even don't have the appropriated outfit." "It's kind of a pool party slash after-party. We're old now. So they don't mind. Except if you're wearing a Easter bunny costume at the party." "Shut up." "So are we coming?" "I'll just follow you. But I don't want to be drunk at the place since I'm the one who's driving." "Awww shucks, it's a deal."

To be continued.